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Tips for the Mall Parking Lot

Why would anyone need tips for holiday parking at the mall? Have you ever been to a mall on or after Black Friday? Or any weekend in December? It’s terrifying, and parking lots and decks are notorious for being the nail in the holiday stress coffin. Not to be all doom and gloom about shopping – it is supposed to be fun after all. So, focus on not spilling your Pumpkin Spice Latte and spending time with your family, and keep these quick tips for holiday parking in your pocket for backup.

#1 Tip for the Mall Parking Lot – Put your seatbelt on.

I know you read this and were all “duh,” but a lot of people think that if you’re not driving very fast, seatbelts are optional. This falls under tips for holiday parking because people are often frazzled and juggling packages and just forget to snap in. The problem is, even a low-speed collision can cause serious damage, not only to your car, but also to you. Avoid the whole drama by clicking in before you push that boat out into the sea of holiday shoppers.

 #2 Tip for the Mall Parking Lot - Hide your ki…I mean, packages.

Mall parking lots can be total chaos, and chaos is a great way to conceal crime, so one of my tips for holiday parking involves how not to make your car a target for criminals. If you have to leave packages in your car, be sure to hide them in your trunk or other concealed area in order to avoid tempting crooks and leaving with a broken window and insurance claim.


#3 Tip for the Mall Parking Lot - Know your place.

One of my best tips for holiday parking? Don’t forget where you parked your car. A nightmarish amount of time is wasted roaming around labyrinthine parking decks wondering if you were in 4B or B4, so it’s best to leave no question. And, wouldn’t you know, there’s an app for that, or you can just go the old fashioned route of writing down your coordinates as a little analog breadcrumb.


#4 Tip for the Mall Parking Lot - Stake out side doors.

Lots of people want to park near the main doors, because they have kids or elderly parents and they don’t want to walk a football field to spend their holiday cash.  If you’re able-bodied, scope out one of the side doors and park there. This tip for holiday parking will not only save you from the thronging masses, it also ensures that you won’t be as distracted while driving.


#5 Tip for the Mall Parking Lot - Leave some room.

Just because a spot is closer to the entrance, don’t try and squeeze yourself in. Tips for holiday parking should help you avoid things like door collisions, mirror scrapes, and bumper dings, which, while relatively minor, can add up to major repair bills. Not to mention that being the victim of a scrape-and-run certainly does not represent the spirit of the holidays very well at all.


#6 Tip for the Mall Parking Lot - Back up slowly.

These tips for holiday parking are meant to help keep everyone safe, and since 25% of all parking lot accidents happen while in the process of backing up and out of spots, you should take extra care. This means no checking voicemail/applying chapstick/yelling at the dog – play it safe and don’t do anything else while backing out. Sometimes wayward kids can pull away from parents and run behind cars, which is why you need to be focusing on those nifty rear cameras rather than your text messages.


#7 Tip for the Mall Parking Lot - Tis the season.

One of my best tips for holiday parking? Don’t be a holiday tool. Everyone gets a little stress this time of year, but it doesn’t justify trying to outrun that bus full of retirees to make it to the food court before they do. Trust me, waiting in line a little longer for your Chick-Fil-A is worth it to be sure that everyone stays happy and remains intact.


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